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The Creativity 

At Research Theory, we believe that creativity drives good science. The Creative Initiative aims to foster creativity among scientists in order to help them unlock their creative (and therefore scientific) potential.

The Creative (Scientific) Act

The Creative (Scientific) Act is a five part course on the creative process in science. It combines exercises from applied improv with lessons from scientists, artists, athletes, filmmakers, and other creative professionals at the top of their game. Our goal is to inspire scientists to prioritize creativity, and give scientists the tools to develop their own creative practice. 

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Evaluating Creativity

How can you measure creativity? How do we know if this workshop is effective?


We're developing a multimodal program evaluation to understand the creative state of researchers and the impact we're having. Our goal is to link short-term proxies like creativity in a video game environment with long-term scientific output to put these theories to the test. 


Course Feedback

Game-Based Pscyhometrics

Come explore creativity with us!

If you'd like to learn more, or join our experiment, let us know!

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