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 A five part series by researchers to unlock creativity in science

Balloon Over Salt Lake

Research Theory

Where do ideas come from?

What work will be remembered in 100 years?

Can you measure creativity?

Is creativity static or dynamic?

Research Theory is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that fosters creativity and innovation in science by supporting scientists. We believe that creativity is a key driver of scientific progress, and we strive to develop tools and interventions to help researchers cultivate their creative potential. Our team is made up of passionate scientists and educators who are dedicated to advancing the frontiers of scientific knowledge.

The Creativity

At Research Theory, we believe that creativity drives good science. The Creativity Initiative aims to foster creativity among scientists in order to help them unlock their creative and (and therefore scientific) potential.

Featured Articles

Balloon Over Salt Lake

Introducing Research Theory

By: Elaine Sevier
September 29, 2022

Research Theory is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering creativity and innovation in scientific research through the ‘science of scientists’. We do this by supporting research into management and mentorship practices in academia, and developing evidence-based resources to maximize scientific achievement. We believe academia needs a new theory for how we do research with intentional practices that support our collective goal of scientific progress.

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