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The Research Initiative

Strategic Vision

A theory of scientific creativity

While many major scientific advancements have taken place over the last century, science is becoming increasingly inefficient. In parallel, the well-being of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows has deteriorated, resulting in high levels of career attrition. Our goal is to develop theories and practices that allow academic scientists to unleash their creativity for a sustainable and innovative future. To do this, we will develop a new evidence-based theory of research. We will link data collection and knowledge building with testing through implementation to create a loop that promotes a new era of scientific productivity.

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Data Collection

Knowledge starts with data

We are actively working to collect data about the researchers and the research ecosystem. Our work is aimed at understanding how the mentorship and well-being of a researcher impacts the research they do. If you would like to partner with us on any current or future data collection ventures please reach out

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Knowledge Building

How is research done best

We are looking for patterns in the data we collect to build knowledge. Research is not one-size-fits-all, and different structures are needed for different goals. We will combine data from academia with industry as well as creative settings like art and music to develop theoretical frameworks for how scientists do their best work. We will use this knowledge to measure and incentivize positive cultural change that fosters the most creative and productive research environments possible.

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Putting it into practice

We will use our knowledge to design, test, and implement evidence-based resources for academic research environments. This includes training for faculty, workshops that strengthen scientific teams, and resources for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows as they navigate their scientific and professional development. To hold ourselves accountable, we are building tools to measure and reward researcher's efforts to foster positive and productive research environments.

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